Material Handling and Logistic Services

M&E Organisation Material handling and logistic service is focused on the supply of aircraft spare parts. This includes parts loan and exchanges, pool access, stock management, integrated consumables management, flexible logistics and contact with door-to-door freight forwarding.

Material handling and logistics

The One Stop Shop service includes:

  • 24/7 local AOG support
  • Initial provisioning
  • Just-in-time material supply
  • Delivery of small quantities
  • Inventory management
  • Total supply chain management
  • Dangerous goods packing

This service provides prompt response to customer inquiries, enhanced computerised inventory and data systems of TRAX, timely delivery according to IATA shipping norms and SPEC 2000 requirements.

Transport handling and total supply chain management services undertakes the full responsibility for maintaining the inventory of heavy maintenance. This enables customers to benefit from instant savings through the elimination of internal costs associated with multiple transactions in handling and plural expenses from transportation.

Key Customer savings from this service are:

  • Instant cost saving from multiple transaction handling and plural expenses from transportation
  • Reduced shipping time and cost 100% free of charge TAX policy on aircraft related parts and components

Saving time: Zero-day on customer clearance.

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