Base Maintenance

Since 2006, the M&E Organisation has successfully performed a number of in-house checks:

  • Single C-Check to multiple C-Checks
  • 8 year, 10 year, 20 year structural checks under authority approvals on B737-800NG, B767-300ER and A310-300 aircraft.

Maintenance services to aircraft is provided in accordance to strict regulatory requirements. Over a hundred skilled engineers and technicians with distinguished experience and knowledge of aerospace engineering. All aircraft certifying staff have completed the ATA 104 level 3 category B1/B2 full-time type training course from EASA/FAA Part 147 approved training organisations.

Base maintenance courtesy of Zela Aviatation

Ground Supporting Equipment

Ground support is essential in terms of productivity in timely manner for outstanding outcome. Our maintenance facility will provide the following list of tools Ground Service equipment’s for ramp service, line and base maintenance:

  • Pressure washer pump
  • Hydraulic servicing cart
  • High and low pressure nitrogen cart
  • Air starter ace 500-1123
  • Ground Power Unit (AXA Power)
  • Tow Truck B737 all series, B767, A300, A310, A319, A320, and A330
  • Engine washing equipment B737 CFM56, B767, Cf6-80, RB211 engines
  • Mobile Heater – UMP-350-131
  • Mobile Heater – PO-IP-103
  • B737, B767, A310 main and nose landing gear jacking
  • B737, B767, A310 engine dolly and docking
  • Aircraft Weighing Equipment
  • Telescope and articulating boom lifts Genie Z-30, S-80
  • Electric scissor lifts Genie GS-1432, GS-2668RT, and GS-3268DC etc.

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