Air Charter Broker

Zela Aviation is an Air Charter Broker company providing full aircraft charters to the major tourist destinations of Bulgaria, Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey. In addition to these destinations we are able to contract aircraft of all sizes and types across the world to meet the requirements of our customers for both ad-hoc and full series charters.

The role of an aircraft charter broker is to act as a professional intermediary between supplier and customer. The Supplier could be an airline, aircraft lessor or even an aircraft manufacturer, whilst the Customer can again be an airline, a Tour Operator, Travel Agency, Corporate Firm or even an individual. An Aircraft charter broker introduces Supplier and Customer to each other and negotiates on behalf of the Customer to get them the best commercial terms whilst ensuring that the Supplier is also equally commercially/operationally protected in any arrangement.

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International Aircraft Charter

Tour Operators / Ad-hoc Flights

We have an international network of airline contacts that enable us to source aircraft charters worldwide. Zela Aviation is able to service requirements for full, part and ad-hoc charters. Zela Aviation specialises in providing full…

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Zela Aviation | The air charter company

Ad-hoc Charter

Zela Aviation has a long history in providing Ad-hoc capacity to various clients. This includes: Product Launches When you need to get your sales force and customers to the same place at the same time…

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