Posted 05th Feb 2018

Aircraft Availability

ACMI (Wet and/or Damp Lease)

Zela Aviation, as the appointed GSA of MIAT Mongolian Airlines for ACMI, is pleased to inform you about the following aircraft availability:
Aircraft YOM Capacity Engine Type Available from
MIAT Mongolian Airlines:
B737-800 2000 189Y CFM56-7B26 From FEB 2018
B737-800 2002 12C/150Y CFM56-7B26 From FEB 2018
B767-300ER 2000 24C/234Y PW-4062 From FEB 2018
B767-300ER 2013 25C/195Y CF6-80C2BF From FEB 2018
In addition to the above, we are marketing the following aircraft availability from our partner airlines:
Short and long Haul
A320-200 2006 180Y IAE V2527-A5 From FEB 2018
A320-200 1992 180Y IAE V2500-A1 From FEB 2018
A330-200 1999 24C/246Y PW4168A From FEB 2018
B737-300 1998 148Y CFM56-3C1 From FEB 2018
B737-400 1996 168Y CFM56-3C1 From FEB 2018
B737-800 2000 189Y CFM56-7B26 From FEB 2018
B757-200 1998 22C/162Y PW JT8D-217C From FEB 2018
B767-300ER 2001 300Y CF6-80C2B7F From FEB 2018
Regional Jets and Turboprop
ATR-72-200 1997 66Y PW124B From FEB 2018
RJ85 1996 96Y LY LF507-1F IMMEDIATE
CRJ200 1996 50Y CF34-3B1 IMMEDIATE
F100 1992 100Y RR TAY 650-15 From FEB 2018
Dry Lease and Outright Purchase
Should you be interested in dry lease or outright purchase, Zela Aviation may be able to assist you, subject to what aircraft there is in portfolio at any given moment in time.
A319-100 2002 8C/132Y CFM56-5B6/P Dry Lease
A320-200 2003 180Y IAE V2500-A5 Dry Lease
A330-200 2001 30C/265Y CFM6-80E1A4B Dry Lease
B737-400 1994 168Y CFM56-3C1 Dry Lease
B737-800 2002 186Y CFM56-7B26 Sale
B767-300ER 2001 12C/273Y CF6-80C2B7F Dry Lease/Sale
B777-200ER 1998 360Y RR Trent 884 Sale
ATR72-500 2012 68Y PW127 Dry Lease
Bae Jetstream 41 1995 30Y TPE331 Sale
DHC-8Q400 2009 78Y PW150A Dry Lease
CRJ900LR 2008 90Y CF34-8C5 Dry Lease
F50 1992 52Y PW127B Sale
F100 1993 100Y RR TAY 650-15 Dry Lease/Sale


Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact the Zela Aviation ACMI Department via e-mail acmi@zelaaviation.com

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